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First time home buyer- don’t let the chatter about rates stop your dream of owning a home!!  If you are renting chances are you are paying someone elses mortgage.  Why not pay YOUR own.  Yes, the rates have gone up but these are normal rates.  You really owe it to yourself to speak to a mortgage lender to see how rent and monthly mortgage payment are the same thing.  Except when you own you are building equity not “the other guy”.

Re-entering the home owning process.  Buyers the times have changed.  There now is more inventory to choose from and prices have leveled off.  Bidding wars have gone bye bye.  Now really is the time to buy.

Need to sell your home to buy a home?  We see this done every day.  It is a bit complex but that is what realtors do.  Take a complex transaction and make it possible.  Talk to a realtor about how you can make this happen.


  1. Connect with a mortgage lender: Ron Morris with The Mortgage Firm is waiting for your call. 727-424-7757
  2. Be prepared for these questions:
    • Are you employed?
    • Do you W2 or are you self employed?
    • What other income do you have coming in?
    • How much do you pay for housing right now?
    • Do you have a car payment?
    • How much do you owe on your credit cards?
    • Do you have any student loans?
    • Do you pay alimony or child support?
    • What else might you pay for each month?
    • How much money do you have in savings?
    • Will a relative or friend be able to “gift” you money to help you come up with a deposit and achieve this goal?
    • Will you be getting a tax refund to help you with the down payment?
  3. Documents needed:
    • Last 2 years tax returns
    • Last 2 paystubs
    • Copy of Drivers License
    • Last 2 bank statements
    • Most recent statement for any. additional assets(401k, IRA)
  4. Once your lender has this information they will be able to prepare a plan of action to move you closer to your new home.
  5. Your realtor will set you up with a personalized search.
  6. You will now be ready to purchase “Your Home”

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